I'm Mónika Fogarasi, the dreamer of SweetBerry carriers and accessories

I've got to know babywearing with my fourth (third with small age gap) child's, Benedek's birth. With the two little a tiny came, and I realized: I had more kids than hands - sometimes I needed the help of a sling. I became real slinging mom with my youngest, Boróka's birth: she was a preemie born in the 30th week, the physical contact was a necessity for her - for us! - trying to replace that two and a half months more we should've spent together. Cuddling with her, the love of babywearing drifted me for good <3

The passion begin with a long Little Frog wrap...

I tried to sell the whole wrap for a while, then I lost my patience and decided: I'll cut it and sew them to ringslings!

Soon we needed a babycarrier, but I tried everything I found and I did not fall in love. I started to perform experiments, even started a babywearing consultant school, because I felt that creating babycarriers needed much more professional skills than my twenty years experience of sewing and leading a sewing workshop. Meanwhile I made lots of new friends, and with their assistance the idea of making the SweetBerry carriers came true.

All my carriers are results of long experimentation, professional consultation and user's feedbacks, I'm committed to reach the maximum. Also with the commodity: the current linings, buckles, and beltings are picked after a series of tests.

I re-started my sewing workshop, bought professional sewing machines, hired trust-worthy streamstresses, who can perform as expected, because it's not easy to work with these fabrics, and it's highly important that the safety of the finished product are impeccable.

I didn't planned to appear at the market, I didn't have a strategy, or a business plan. I drifted, I was carried by the love of babywearing, the passion of createating, to make comfortable, safe, affordablale babycarriers with the minimum compromise for baby and mom. Real dream-carriers.

I have five kids, four of them are underage, and one is a mother herself. I manage SweetBerry as my sixth child.

As we slowly reach the border of babywearing age, I want to give you the safety, freedom, closeness in the following - everything we experienced by babywearing.

With love,

                                         Fogarasi Móni