Our products reached their current form after several years of experimenting, and based on customer feedbacks we try to bring out even more from them. 

When we create a carrier we strictly focus on safety and the health and comfort of the carrier and carried person.

You can choose from different bag shapes, and you can carry your everyday necessarities in them as safe, as you can carry your child in our carriers.

We do not know compromise when it comes to our children's health, so when we select our commodity we pay special attention to pick the child friendly ones. Because we all know: during a ride in Mom or Dad's back there is nothing as delicious as the shoulderstrap of the carrier <3 From the wrap scraps, through the dye we ocassionally use, until the Eco-tex twill lining, we choose so carefully, you don't have to care about anything else, but to find your favourite SweetBerry design.

SweetBerry - Do you have one?

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